Day 15 & 16.

I can’t believe I’ve been doing this for 16 days! Seems like it’s been years:)

I’m hanging in there. Not cooking as much as I wish, but finding ways to persevere. Yet don’t be deceived- I have not been perfect (just today, in fact, I rediscovered the joy of Chocolate Chex. OMG. Plus my 3-ish “cheats” per week, which I have been taking full advantage of!). But I’m doing well enough to feel proud, and feeling good enough to continue on.

As a reminder, Week 1 was all about fruits, veggies, nuts and natural oils. Week 2 allowed for beans and fish, and this week, Week 3, allows for eggs and gluten-free grains. This is exciting, people! I haven’t really taken advantage of those additions yet, but have been eyeing some delicious recipes from here. If you have never scrolled through Heidi Swanson’s blog or cookbooks, stop reading this measly post right now and go check her out. Ahhhh-mazing recipes and photos. Seriously. Go.

And BTW, I’m not the only one who uses bananas to make ice cream.

Here’s my update:

Day 15:

8 am- Fruit smoothie with nuts & honey

11:30 am- Black beans & carrots

3 pm- Grapefruit (go buy some now- they are in season and SO good)

6 pm- Grilled salmon, salad with avocado, roasted parsnips, rutabega, carrots & red potatoes

Day 16:

8:30 am- Mixed nuts + prunes

11:30 am- Broccoli and roasted veggies

3 pm- Cup of Chocolate Chex (WTF)

7 pm- Salad with avocado & black beans, veggies

9 pm- Stove top popcorn

And a couple outfits for you too!

Cobalt + Turquoise Top: Nordstrom Rack / Black Cropped Pants: Halogen, Nordstrom / Turquoise Earrings: NYC / Gray Scarf: Gap

Stained Glass Tee + Black Cardigan: Gap / Gray Jeans: Nordstrom RackĀ / Black Canvas Wedges: Urban Outfitters

I also recently discovered the power that is dry shampoo. My hair is rather long right now (and I don’t plan on cutting it anytime soon), so washing and drying can be time-consuming. I use dry shampoo on the second day, and I actually like my hair better that way. The day of washing/drying it is almost too flat and smooth for my liking. I like a little wave and texture, yo!

PS- Get excited, I have some CRAFTS coming your way soon.

About quirkykatie
Some people say I have a staring problem, but I just like to think of myself as very observant and aware of my surroundings. I look and I learn. I'm a happy camper. I work in communications, love dealing with people, and always accept a creative challenge. I am rather impatient, somewhat moody, just the right amount of stubborn, and always quirky. Minnesota is a beautiful state full of opportunity and activities, so if you have never been here, plan a visit. I promise you won't be disappointed.

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